DVD-RAM 9.4GB OM940-400/OM940-000  
This makes DVD a virtual hard disk, with a random read-write access.
This is a 9.4GB double sided DVD-RAM either with cartridge (Type 4) or without cartridge.
Originally a 2.6-gigabyte drive, its capacity has increased to 4.7-gigabyte-per-side.
It can be re-written more than 100,000 times.
For standard-picture, 9.4GB DVD-RAM (4.7GB per side) can be recorded up to 240mins
(120 mins per side).
It includes CPRM that can protect copyright.
  • High-reliability, high-durability media, high quality.
  • Using special over-coating technology to protect recording layer.
  • Disc can be removed from cartridge easily.
Thickness 1.20mm
Diameter 120mm
Center Hole Diameter 15mm
Recording Method Phase Change
Track Format Wobble Land/Groove
Laser Wavelength 650nm
Numerical Aperture 0.6
Sector size 2048 Bytes
Sector layout, rotational control ZCLV
Recording track pitch 0.615um
Data bit length 0.28um
Reflectivity 15~25%
Modulation 8/16 RLL(2.10)
Error correction code Reed-Solomon product code
No. of zones 35
User data transfer rate 22.16Mb/s
Defect management equipped