DVD+RW 4.7GB OP470-000  
DVD+RW is supported by DVD+RW alliance. Originally it was a 3.0GB media.
Now its capacity has increased to 4.7GB. It can be rewritten more than 1,000 times.
  • High-reliability, high-durability media, high quality.
  • Ideal for multimedia storage.
  • 4.7GB Single-sided disc DVD-Player compatible.
Thickness 1.20mm
Diameter 120mm
Center Hole Diameter 15mm
Recording Method Phase Change
Laser Wavelength 655nm
Numerical Aperture 0.65
Sector size 2048 Bytes
Sector layout, rotational control CLV/CAV
Track Pitch 0.74um
Data bit length 0.267um
Reflectivity 18~30%
Modulation 8/16, RLL(2,10)
Error correction code Reed-Solomon product code