DVD+R 4.7GB 16X  
DVD+R is supported by DVD+RW alliance. DVD+R achieves a storage capacity of 4.7GB and
is a write-once format. DVD+R is compatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players.
Ideal for combined storage of music, video and data, transfer of video and large capacity data files,
internet downloads and massive archival storage.
  • Write-Once format.
  • Good compatibility for DVD-player and DVD-Rom Drive.
  • High -reliability, high durability and high quality media.
Thickness 1.20mm
Diameter 120mm
Center Hole Diameter 15mm
Recording Method Dye
Laser Wavelength 655nm
Numerical Aperture 0.65
Sector size 2048 Bytes
Sector layout, rotational control CLV
Recording track pitch 0.74um
Data bit length 0.267um
Reflectivity 45~85%
Modulation 8/16, RLL(2,10)
Error correction code Reed-Solomon product code
User data transfer rate 16X